On our way to the Sahara

After Marrakesh it was time to take a 3 day tour on our way to the Sahara. It would stop in every place we wanted in the first place, so we took it right away.

Everything went perfect, apart from the fever and bad first night because of food poisoning. In the next morning I was alright, but it was a hell of a night.

Anyway, we saw the Atlas mountains, the Ait-Ben-Haddou, Ouarzazate and a couple more views, that I barely looked at because I was getting sick by that time. Ugh

Ait-Ben-Haddou was my favorite and we were so bummed because we only had 30 minutos to visit the place. We needed at least 1 hour to enjoy it properly! It was gorgeous, some scenes from the "Gladiator" were shot in there. I want to go back there.